Fee Announces Local Fire, Ambulance Grants
DENVER – Fire and emergency response organizations in the 37th Legislative District have received more than $150,000 in grants from the state, Rep. Mindy Fee (R-Manheim) announced today.

“From equipment and training to vehicles and facilities, the burdens on our incredible volunteer first responders are substantial,” Fee said. “This state grant program helps to provide some much-needed financial support in their mission to protect our homes and communities.”

The funding comes from an ongoing grant program created by the Legislature and administered by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Office of the State Fire Commissioner. All funding comes from the proceeds from slot machine gaming, and not general fund tax revenue.

Every emergency service organization that completes the application process receives funding. Projects eligible for funding include: construction or renovation of a fire or ambulance company facility, purchase or repair of equipment, training, or reduction of existing debt.

Fire and emergency medical services (EMS) that serve the 37th District were awarded the following amounts:

 • Brickerville Fire Company, No. 1, Brickerville - $12,068.60.
 • Brickerville EMS, Brickerville - $3,024.69.
 • Denver Fire Company, Denver - $14,007.69.
 • Durlach & Mt. Airy Fire Company, Stevens - $12,622.62.
 • East Petersburg Fire Company No. 1, East Petersburg - $14,284.70.
 • Hope Fire Engine & Hose Company, No. 1, Manheim - $14,284.70.
 • Mastersonville Volunteer Fire Company, Manheim – $14,284.70.
 • Penryn Fire Company No. 1, Penryn - $14,284.70.
 • Reinholds Station Fire Company, Reinholds - $12,899.64.
 • Schoeneck Fire Company, Denver - $11,514.58.
 • Smokestown Fire Company, Denver - $13,730.67.
 • Stevens Fire Company No. 1, Stevens - $11,514.58.

The grants are part of the Pennsylvania Fire Company and Ambulance Service Grant Program. Over the past decade, it has provided millions of dollars to volunteer fire and emergency medical service units.

Representative Mindy Fee
37th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Diane Moore
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