Jun. 25, 2019

HARRISBURG – Today, the Lancaster County House Republican Delegation voted to pass a 2019-20 spending plan for the Commonwealth built upon a foundation of five principles to serve Pennsylvania taxpayers – saving for the future; fiscal management; thrift; investing in our future by boosting education; and instilling policies to foster economic growth. This plan also addresses Lancaster County priorities such as agriculture and Thaddeus Stevens College.

The Lancaster County Republican Delegation – House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom), Mindy Fee (R-Manheim), Keith J. Greiner (R-Upper Leacock), Dave Hickernell (R-West Donegal), Brett Miller (R-East Hempfield), Steve Mentzer (R-Lititz) and Dave Zimmerman (R-East Earl) – issued the following statement on the state’s $33.9 billion 2019-20 budget:

“Due to Republican fiscal policies and federal tax cuts that have resulted in a booming national economy, House Republicans were able to put $250 million in the state’s Rainy Day Fund this year just as families across the state must save for unexpected events and downturns. Lawmakers and government cannot be allowed to spend more than they have and expect taxpayers to continually bail them out.

“For years now, we have been steadily and methodically increasing oversight and accountability of taxpayer dollars and state spending. We have also been cutting debt and taxes – House Bill 262 addresses the unfairness of the inheritance tax, House Bill 33 shores up money for the Department of Human Services for those in need of help and House Bill 24 modifies the state bond process to reduce future debt. We have also put in an additional $26.34 million for mental health services.

“Career and technical education is a focus of House Republican priorities. With the strong national economy there are now many family-sustaining manufacturing jobs across the state, but not enough skilled workers to fill them. We have dedicated $10 million to career and technical education and equipment. In addition, the governor proposed level-funding the state’s finest career and technical education school, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. We believe excellent-performing schools be provided the resources they need to continue their mission. Accordingly, House Republicans boosted Thaddeus Stevens funding by $4 million to $18.701 million, as the school requested. The Penn College of Technology also got a $4 million increase. PreK-12 education was increased by $432 million.
We are also pleased to have put $5 million additional towards our community libraries, the first such investment in our library system since Governor Tom Ridge’s administration.

“Finally, we have ensured that agriculture, Lancaster County’s and the state’s No. 1 economic driver, was saved from the governor’s proposed cuts and we added $1 million for livestock and consumer protection; $2 million for the Animal Health and Diagnostics Commission; and $4.5 million for Agriculture and Workforce Investment. All told, agriculture will see a $19.5 million increase over last year, a 12.8% boost.”

Lancaster County House Republican Delegation
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Charles Lardner